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On the Paranormal

Ghosts of Erie County

Welcome to Erie County, Pennsylvania, an area rich with tales of hauntings, unusual sightings, and other strange events. In the pages of this book you will discover local legends passed down through generations of Erie County residents along with true supernatural experiences as told by the individuals who encountered them. A Revolutionary War general still rides the roads of Erie County searching for his lost bones...Headless victims haunt the lonely road in Millcreek Township known as "Ax Murder Hollow"...The spirit of a local restaurant owner may still be serving up scares...Enjoy these and other "eerie" tales in Ghosts of Erie County.

More Ghosts of Erie County

Return once again to Erie County, Pennsylvania, where ghost stories and legends abound, set against a backdrop of the region's rich history. A 19th century chambermaid still haunts the hotel she once tried to destroy...Paranormal investigators find evidence of spirits at a local museum...A mysterious creek hides the secret of a young soldier's murder...Discover these and other tales of the unexplained in More Ghosts of Erie County.

Reaching Through the Veil: Ghost Hunting in Erie County

Enter the realm of the unknown with Stephanie Wincik as she takes an in-depth look into the world of ghost hunting. Three paranormal research groups based in Erie County, Pennsylvania share their methods, philosophies, and findings, including investigation results from two of the area's most haunted locations, Gudgeonville Bridge and The Brewerie at Union Station.Although their approach, beliefs, and techniques may differ, it is clear that all of the groups share a common goal--to discover the truth about the phenomena that we now deem to be "supernatural."Is everything we don't understand really supernatural? See what the experts have to say. Join Pat Jones, Frank Grande, James McCann, and their fellow investigators as they "reach through the veil" to explore the mysteries of the other side.

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