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On History for Children

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a time travel adventure for young adult readers featuring LightStar, a quintet of astoundingly successful pop musicians. When a violent electrical storm interrupts their concert in Richmond, Virginia, these five engaging young men find themselves catapulted back to 1862 into the midst of the Civil War. Immediately captured by the Union Army, they are soon on their way to prison to be tried as spies. After hatching an escape plan, the boys must rely on each other and their own ingenuity as they struggle to stay alive, stay together, and get back home.

The Journey: A Northern Lights Adventure

The Journey: A Northern Lights Adventure continues the adventures of LightStar--a group of talented pop musicians whose worlds are literally turned upside down when an electrical storm catapults them into 1862 in the midst of a chaotic Civil War. Moving through perilous, unknown territory in an effort to get back home, our five young travelers face the adventure of a lifetime. Along the way, there’s danger, love, betrayal, intrigue and, oh yes, the chance to change the course of American history forever.

Heroes in Disguise

Today, the tiny borough of Girard, Pennsylvania appears relatively unchanged since its incorporation in 1846. But despite its size, Girard has produced more than its share of extraordinary individuals. Heroes in Disguise tells the stories of twelve of these remarkable men and women. Regardless of their chosen profession-farmer, banker, actor, soldier, teacher-all were heroes masquerading as ordinary small-town citizens as they quietly changed the world.

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